Here’s Looking at Ewe, Kid

Once again the thorny issue of how much Lai See money to give rears its (horned) head so I’ve just re read my post on the eve of Chinese New Year last year, Why The Long Face for guidance. Incidentally, all my truisms mentioned there remain, though I would now replace keeping up with the … Continue reading

How to Walk Down the Street in Hong Kong

For anyone who is new in town or returning after the summer away and needs a refresher: 1.You may feel that everyone is walking towards you and deliberately knocking into you. They are. 2.Walking towards a Hongkonger on a narrow pavement or in a crowded shopping mall is a game of chicken. You will never … Continue reading

The Woman Who Wore a Pencil to Dinner

I love the idea of a tropical holiday. Even before I moved to Asia, I preferred the idea of a sultry location to the Med as a backdrop for floating around in Melissa Odabash and Heidi Klein “resort wear”. Unfortunately though the tropics don’t love me back. My idyllic sojourns in some Eastern paradise tend … Continue reading

Goodbye E

  I’ve been overseas for a while due to what must be every expat’s nightmare: parental illness. Anyone vaguely middle aged lives in faint dread of the time they’ll have to face the music of aging parents living thousands of miles away. We know that we exist in a bubble, sheltered from the every day … Continue reading

Empress Isabel’s new clothes

Like everyone else with an iota of fashion sense, I got caught up in the excitement ahead of the Isabel Marant for H&M launch. I even toyed with the idea of going along for the 8am opening but then I remembered: I don’t get up early and I don’t do queues. Also I noticed “the … Continue reading

Rain (and other South China Sea stories)*

The first time I encountered torrential rain in Hong Kong, I took one look at the leaden skies and unrelenting wall of water and dressed in knee high leather boots and a mini mac. Perfect, I thought. How wrong could I be. Two minutes outside and I was sweltering. Coming from the UK, it takes … Continue reading

Misgivings in the Mid Levels

“Women are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression and self medicate with alcohol,” I read out from the Sunday paper to my husband. “What do you have to be anxious about?” he replies in genuine amazement. “And telling the maid what to do doesn’t count.” I can understand why he would think this. … Continue reading

The Big Four-Oh!

Perhaps moving to Hong Kong at 40 wasn’t such a great idea. I have come to a land where women have zero body fat just when my body is beginning to betray me. When you’re faced with tiny child women wearing short shorts, vest tops and towering heels as day wear (and looking good, goddammit … Continue reading

Hell on heels

“You’re going to have to wear much higher heels in Hong Kong,” my husband told me when he returned from a recce ahead of our move. “The women there wear VERY high heels.” He was right. Five inches seem to be the norm when I scan both the lunch time and after work crowds. With … Continue reading

Hong Kong Housewife

The official’s hand hovers over my application form with a Tipex brush. An innocuous enough item in itself but to me it looks like a threatening weapon. In the “occupation” box on my Dependent’s Pass application I’ve automatically written “journalist”. “What company do you work for?” he asks at his desk in Immigration Tower, Wan … Continue reading

Why the Long Face?

So here we are in January 2014 – the start of a new gregorian calendar year and the turn of a lunar new year tomorrow. Happy Year of the Horse everyone. A British newspaper reported that rich Chinese women were celebrating the impending lunar new year with a trip to the Paris Couture shows. And … Continue reading

Help – do I need somebody?

“Do you have a helper?” a newly arrived expat asks me in the usual way of someone who hasn’t grown up with servants (most of us newcomers to Hong Kong) sussing out whether they should employ staff or not. As a just off the jet gweilo I found the question of hiring a live in … Continue reading